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Viewpoint from Rev Stephen Cullis 22/06/2012

Rev Stephen Cullis
Superintendent Minister East Norfolk Circuit, 14/10, East Anglia District, The Methodist Church
Dove right “Less is more”.  A phrase we often hear, but proves to be true in so many ways. It is true of:
·       the amount of calories most of us put into our bodies. Less Calories will for most of us mean a more healthy  life;
·        a smaller engine in your care gives you more miles per gallon;
·        I have had it pointed out to me quite acerbically that the less words in my sermons the more meaningful it can be(-:
I’ve been a Methodist Minister since I was 25. As long as I can remember I have been “busy” during that time. 
“Busy” is an interesting word. It is the opposite of the “less” bit at the top of the page. It means that days are full, pages in diaries have writing all over them and very often you are never able to “be” in one place properly, because half your eye is on what needs doing next.
dove left 
Of course this isn’t just a symptom of the life of a Church Leader. It is a symptom of life. We like to have many fish to fry, many irons in the fire and have a fear of “settling” because we all know that it is wrecks that settle on the bottom of the sea
Why do we make our selves so busy? 
There is so much in Jesus' life that impresses me. His courage, his love for the outcast, his patience with the disciples….. The thing I keep coming back to is Jesus ability to disengage Himself from the things everyone else thought terribly important which would have kept him “busy” ‘till his 80’s. He could disengage from the need of some of his countrymen to engage in rebellion against the Romans. In Mark 1 He could disengage from the need of Capernaum to “cement” his healing ministry with them. Instead, Jesus takes off for the hills early in the morning to rediscover His Fathers will for him
I have a lingering suspicion that we are doing too much We want to be all things to all people try to do many tasks well and we hold on to projects that were yesterday’s work instead of doing the mission of today
It’s time to take off with Jesus, and learn to do less: to hear what it is He wants of us and do just that which He called us to do. The other things will probably sort themselves out. Less is more, after all


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