God is all things to all men

Lisa Cunningham MA , BA(Hons)
Christian artist and author
international exhibitions

cross and bible 2013I love thinking about being with Jesus. No one is like Him. No human is like Him

We are tainted by our lives even though we are growing and developing in Him and Holy Spirit is ripening us, purifying our hearts, minds and emotions. Yet we are not Him. No human is

Someone I met said about an elderly saint who had been around some of the big names in recent years. What always struck him about this man was the beauty of the fragrance of his breath. I do believe that we are all a work in progress and we have varying degrees of cleansing and purification processing. We are all so unique and different

Some of us get saved, get a total make over practically immediately and launch straight into fulltime ministry, while some progress more slowly. Some change very slowly. None are wrong. God deals with each of us as He sees fit

We can cry out, and work and search and pull on Him, for faster results and I know He will respond, but each of us are who we are in Him

We're not all superfast learners, or all excel at public speaking. Some of us are expert mothers, prayer warriors, worshippers. God's army is made up of many, many different soldiers

I love this about God and our humanity. We should celebrate our individuality in Him. Not try to make us all into the great big concrete tower block of "Jesus" that man thinks he is and present Him to others as such

God is all things to all men that He might save some.  He can reach anyone as we'll let Him use us all as individuals