Don't look to others: they'll fail you

Lisa Cunningham MA , BA(Hons)
Christian artist and author
international exhibitions

free 2014I was going through last year’s diary and found a word that the Lord gave me last year. I felt led to share it with you:

Past flows of the Spirit that are dead and why I killed them: because they turned into selfish perusal. To let My kingdom come there must be a death to self: self-worship; self-adoration. I must remain first; not last. Shake off the past and death relationships

Pursue Me only and Me until the end and the revival will flow forever and continuously. Sharpen your discernment and follow Me more closely

Don't look to others: they'll fail you. I never fail

Jesus, help us, your bride, to wage war upon the enemy, satan and set us free. Cover us with YOUR Blood of protection redemption and covering. In Jesus’ Name.  FREE for Your Life to indwell amongst us all. In Jesus name. AMEN!!! BLESSED REDEEMER!!! COME.  Take off the blinders, take off the despair. CRASH the boundaries and MOVE, Jesus. move