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Ten things God doesn't ask!! 

questions01   What kind of car we drive – He asks how many people we drive who have no transportation


02   How big our house is – He asks how many people we welcome into our home


03   About the clothes we have in our wardrobe - He asks how many people we help to clothe


04   Which diet we are on – He asks how many hungry people we help to feed


05   How big our wage packet is – He asks if we are generous with our giving


questions06   What our job title is – He asks if we perform that job to the best of our ability


07   How many friends we have – He asks how many people we’ve befriended


08   In what neighbourhood we live – He asks how we treat our neighbours


09   About the colour of our skin – He asks about the content of our character


10   God won’t ask you why you took so long to come – if you ask Him now, He’ll welcome you with open arms


Article printed from at 12:13 on 30 May 2020