Story of Jonah ‘message of second chances’

24th February 2017
Tracey Goffe

Story of Jonah ‘Message of second chances’


JONAH-WHALEWe got the old 3m cardboard whale down from the loft to do a small production of Jonah for Messy Church. In need of a paint job and regluing as the tail and fins had been torn off to fit through the loft hatch
In 2008, Rafiki’s crew performed a puppet musical on Gorleston bandstand; those were our heydays, as we worked with a large team of 10, producing all sorts of musicals and puppet ventures.  But in 2012 the last of our team split, leaving just me, Karl, and Sam – a little broken hearted, but in need of rest and a paint job, but also some tearing deep inside, then mending!
The story of Jonah is indeed about the God of mercy and second chances – however there’s a sting in the tail as the prophet did not want to warn the people of Nineveh of their sins; because he did not think they deserved a second chance!
Many of us have been hurt by others, especially in the church, these are the wounds that smart the most, as we hope to be a different people following after the example of Jesus; but it seems so hard!
The wounds are deep; mostly from early years of lack of nurturing or a father’s love – it becomes easier to carry the appearance of polite forgiveness on the surface but inside be daren’t go close
As we approach the time of lent leading up to Easter I pray that we can ask God to give us the courage to allow second chances (or perhaps for some third, fourth or more) We might be surprised at how some people have changed and are a bit more like Jesus!!!


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