Caister Parish Church fundraising project close to fruition

29th March 2021


After more than a decade of planning and fundraising, a project to refurbish and repair Caister’s historic parish church is close to fruition, thanks to a final round of fundraising.  In the past months grants totalling £18,000 have been given or pledged to the church:  £7,500 pledged by the Garfield Weston Foundation, £5000 from the Norfolk Churches Trust, £4000 from Allchurches Trust (the charitable arm of Ecclesiastical Insurance), and £1500 from the Geoffrey Watling Trust
Image above shows the vestry and boiler project 

This generous support takes the total raised to £72,000 - taking us closer to our target, but still leaving a gap of at least £30,000 before we can finally go ahead with a scheme that will repair a leaky roof and tackle other causes of damp in the church, as well as replacing an obsolete GCH boiler.  Damp is a particular problem in the vestry and the scheme involves remodelling and repairing the vestry  and installing a new boiler there.   At the same time it is proposed to repair damage and improve drains and gutters around the building

The project will leave the building in a better and more sustainable condition, with reduced maintenance and heating costs, and a reduced carbon footprint.  It will help ensure that Caister’s parish church is a warm and welcoming place for worshippers and visitors alike
There is more information about the project, and the opportunity to make a donation, on the church website at


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