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holy BibleRe: interpreting Genesis at the Cathedral

by Peter Gray-Read  BSc MSc

Dr Denis Alexander used the third century theologian Origen to call ‘us’ silly.  “Who is so silly to think that God like some farmer actually planted a paradise eastwards of Eden”

The degree of faith that inspired the building of Norwich Cathedral does not seem to have extended to many of the ‘enlightened’ audience who consented to the scientific cleansing of scripture from the literalist interpretation.  The organisers of the science fest at the cathedral invited the keynote speaker to share how he can reconcile the Bible’s account of origins in Genesis with the reigning scientific paradigm.  Dr Alexander has researched immunology at the cutting edge but has a world view that seems to push God into a ‘hands-off’ role regarding His creation

What is really sad is that if we have the courage to make our own choices, examine the evidence objectively and resist the zeitgeist of rationalism and the brainwashing that says ‘this is what you must believe’, then most people who study the human genome – or any genome - would conclude that as a minimum, ‘ultra-intelligent design’ is staring them in the face and they may become as ‘silly as me’ and the Church I fellowship with in Great Yarmouth

It is too crucial an issue to allow yourself to be duped by ‘experts’.  The academic establishment has too much vested interest to allow a free vote.  However we owe it to our children to take responsibility and think it through.  As a science teacher I find that many students fed a ‘fast food’ version of Darwinism have ‘shut the door’ to the revelation of God in the natural world and thereby miss a life changing encounter with the God of the Bible.  Micro-evolution is going on all the time, it is how we select the varieties of crops or desirable traits in animals; but that is a very different creature from macro-evolution or ‘goo to you via the zoo’.  The question is how did the ‘kinds’ of animals and plants arise for micro-evolution to work on?

It is too easy to draw a plausible looking cartoon sequence from tree swinging proto-human primate to an iPad swiping commuter.  By the time students reach university and can start to lift the lid on the real complexity of a single cell have they have been indoctrinated and can be cowed into holding the party line.  So let me give you a flavour of the complexity of the genome which is supposed to have dragged itself out of the primordial soup – it’s family pride – to quote Gilbert and Sullivan – must be inconceivable.  With thanks to Dr Robert Carter1 :

The genome is a multi-dimensional operating system with built-in error correcting and self-modification codes.  There are multiple overlapping DNA codes, RNA codes and structural codes. There are DNA genes and RNA genes.  The genome was designed with a large amount of redundancy on purpose.  Despite the redundancy it displays an amazing degree of compactness as ~20k protein genes combinatorically create >>100k distinct proteins

‘He made the stars also’

I’m happy to speak or discuss further:

1. youtube – origins, or Creation Ministries International

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