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Heavenly Father, in asking the question yesterday, "Does my love match up to Your standard?" I never really answered the question, instead I said, "If the answer is yes..." and avoided saying simply, "No, my love does not match up to Your standard"
Community celebration of Platinum Jubilee
A church in Gorleston is inviting its community to celebrate The Queen’s Platinum Jubilee by hosting a community fete at the heart of the Magdalen Estate in Gorleston More ...
Christians Together on Martham Green 
A gathering to worship Jesus and have fellowship. Music and singing praises in a relaxed and friendly environment. Do come and join us More ...
Turning trials to triumphs
A few days ago, I lost a dear friend to cancer. I had not seen him for fifteen years and yet, when we chatted on his final day, all those years disappeared. We chuckled over shared experiences, often embarrassing, when things hadn't quite gone to plan More ...
Viewpoint Aug2010
Viewpoint from Rev Brian Hall 13/05/2022
Who do you think you are? This popular TV genealogy documentary series has aired on the BBC since 2004. Over the course of many seasons the question has been posed to a variety of well-known people More ...
geese 750AT
What can we learn from the geese?
Anna Heydon urges us to take a lesson from the formation flying of geese as we cope with the busy-ness of our lives More ...
Offering help to Ukrainian Refugees in Martham
St Mary's Church, Martham is tentatively looking to co-ordinate individuals' applications for housing Ukrainian refugee families More ...
Awareness part two
If you are into quantum science you will know that the more scientists explore the minute world of atoms, protons, gluons, etc the more mystical it all gets. Things that appear and disappear, invisible and weightless forces that hold things together, etc More ...
Awareness part one
Do you ever find yourself starting a prayer with something about entering the presence of the Lord, or welcoming him into our meeting/our day? It’s kind of upside down thinking as he brings us into being and welcomes us More ...
Viewpoint Aug2010
Viewpoint from Revd Sue Hemsley Halls 06/05/2022
May always seemed a good month when I was a child, with lots of family birthdays, parties, and outings. Some time off school was always guaranteed with May Day and Whit week, better known now as the Spring Bank holiday More ...
Pray through May 
Last week Amilcar was in Great Yarmouth Academy (did we mention he is back in school?!) and during a lunch break a young person approached him and told Amilcar he had a dream about Jesus More ...
Rev Rosie writes about looking forward
What are you looking forward to? I hope you might be anticipating a number of happy events in the coming months. I know that it is very British but I must say I am looking forward to the warmer weather and blue skies, and time in the garden More ...
News from the Mag May 2022
2022 is going to be a special year! Summer on the Mag is returning for the first time since 2019, because of the pandemic. But this year it will be bigger and better as we seek to mark the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee as a community More ...
harry woods skydive AT
Harry’s skydive raises £1K for Yarmouth church
Harry Woods, Community Manager at Great Yarmouth Salvation Army, has taken part in a skydive to raise funds for the centre, and it’s not too late to sponsor him More ...
Tony Rothe
Opening THE Book with Rev John K-S May 2022
Christians believe that one day Jesus will return, often referred to as “Jesus’ Second Coming”. What does the Bible say about this? Luke, the author of Acts, records that 40 days after Jesus rose from the dead, the disciples witnessed his bodily return More ...
Prayer Corner May 2022
Prayer is simply having a conversation with God. It can be out loud or in your head and heart, it can be about whatever you want it to be and you can pray whenever and wherever you want to, God is always listening More ...
The Rockin' Rev May 2022
Once upon a time, back in 1688 to be precise, the role of nostalgia was thought to be harmful. One Swiss doctor at the time was convinced that to have nostalgic cravings was a symptom of neurological disease More ...
Jesus used and taught the Shema as the most important way of living for God. He added a second command to love in the same way our neighbour and ourselves. Let me offer a few thoughts about how living and loving this way might affect us More ...
Viewpoint from Mary Ives 29/04/2022
Life can change in a blink of an eye. This phrase came sharply into focus for me on 24th May last year.Having come out of lockdown and put on a few pounds I decided to get into a good routine of diet and exercise. McMillan was running a sponsorship scheme More ...
Jesus answered, “The first of all the commandments is, ‘Listen, O Israel, the Lord our God is one Lord. You shall love the Lord your God with all your heart, and with all your soul, and with all your mind, and with all your strength' More ...
Martham Foodbank receives Blue Plaque
Martham Foodbank is celebrating the receipt of a special edition Blue Plaque in recognition of its work during the pandemic More ...
50/50 Club April 2022 draw winner announced
Great Yarmouth Seafarers Centre's April draw was conducted by Neil Keegan, and the lucky winner is ..... More ...
Viewpoint from Rev Helen Lynch 22/04/2022
Here we are, three weeks after April Fools day, but the world is so turned upside down at the moment that it might be hard to tell fact from fiction More ...
Yarmouth church opens social supermarket
A community supermarket aimed at supporting people experiencing food poverty has opened in Great Yarmouth More ...
Easter sunrise gathering by Britannia Pier
People gathered on the beach alongside Britannia Pier early on Easter Sunday morning to observe a beautiful sunrise and to consider just how wonderful, awesome, loving, and faithful our God is! More ...
Belonging Believing Behaving
Turning Trials into Triumphs
Our Day Out in Great Yarmouth
Viewpoint from Rev Rosie Bunn 15/04/2022
Lowestoft Son-Rise service featured on BBC radio
Are we locking ourselves away?
New Great Yarmouth shop to help families keep shopping bills down
Award for Yarmouth church’s community work
Rainbow railings
Viewpoint from Rt Rev Alan Hopes 08/04/2022
Some thoughts on forgiveness
War memorial centenary marked with service
Opening THE Book with Rev John K-S April 2022
The Rockin' Rev April 2022
News from the Mag April 2022
From Rev Helen Lynch April 2022
Viewpoint from Rev Andrew King 01/04/2022
Are you feeling lonely and isolated?
Martham church to set up Ukraine refugee help
Bishop Graham visits Pathway
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Awareness part two
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