Great Yarmouth Older People's Network 

gyopnGreat Yarmouth Older People’s Network (GYOPN) was founded in 2003 and is made up from groups that deal with the interests of older people including voluntary, community, and statutory bodies

Its main aim is to provide a voice for, and on behalf of, the issues and concerns of older people living in the Borough of Great Yarmouth

The Borough has several groups involved with older people including Age Concern Great Yarmouth, Sheltered Housing, DIAL, Red Cross, amongst others. The GYOPN works to ensure that they all work together for the benefit of older people

One of the roles of GYOPN is to represent older people's interests on numerous committees and forums within the Borough and the County

One of the objectives is to include and consult with Older People in a meaningful way in accordance with a network communication strategy. The network has accomplished a number of things on behalf of Older People in the Borough including:

  • the introduction of the Ageless Opportunities directory, this includes some 130 activities for people over 50, it is also used as a base for other projects

  • representation to voice the opinions the of older people on many local and Norfolk committees, this is where decisions are made

There are many other issues involving older people which are ongoing and in which they are involved


GYOPN is committed to:

  • listening to older people's views: at drop-in sessions in more rural areas and weekly at the Acorn Centre on Regent Street, Great Yarmouth, and via research surveys and the GYOPN website;

  • providing a voice for older people to raise and share concerns covering issues such as health, social care and access to transport;

  • ?working together with organisations across the borough for the benefit of older people sharing knowledge, discussion common difficulties, and creating solutions

They have plans for the future which include ensuring they are truly representing the views of older people, to increase the power of their voice to and for older people. To do this they need to tell all older people what they are doing and give them the opportunity to raise concerns

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