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Epiphany is a time of renewal

EPIPHANYRev Grant Bolton-Debbage
Assistant Curate, Great Yarmouth Team Ministry
Chaplain, Great Yarmouth College
as publish in Great Yarmouth Parish Life February 2017

Every now and then, something happens, or something is coming up, which makes us rethink about the future.  This year is likely to be my last year as a curate – although it is worth noting that it is possible to stay until June 2018 if it is the right thing to do

However, it is likely that this time next year I will be elsewhere in my ministry.  Therefore, this is a year of great change and great opportunity for your parish.  We will, hopefully, see a new Team Rector in post and the work that we are doing as a whole parish is leading us in new uncharted, but exciting, waters.  However, we could miss the opportunity that has been presented to us at this time if we do not recognise and take hold of the present and the future for fear of letting go of that which has gone before


Epiphany is a time of renewal: a time of taking hold of the new revelation of Christ Jesus’ work in our lives and pushing forward for the sake of His kingdom and of His glory.  In order not to miss the opportunity we must work together; support, cherish, and encourage one another because we have all been gifted to each other for this time in this place.  When realise that, the opportunities will turn into realities and we will see the transformation of our community as God’s kingdom unfolds within it 

May God give us the courage to be bold, to be brave, and to walk on together in unity and love 

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