Action Zones 

A recipe for peace in troubled times

Dove rightThink on this…
What is true?
What is worthy of reverence and honourable?
What is just and pure and lovely and lovable?
Whatever is kind, worthy of praise think on and weigh and take account of these things (fix your minds on them, not on the negatives)
Don’t worry or fret or be anxious, give it all to God ~ with thanksgiving (for what is good)
Make your wants known to Him
Rejoice in the Lord ~ Always
Again I say Rejoice
Be recognised for:
your unselfishness
your considerateness
your forbearing spirit
And then.............
God's peace ~ the surety of our salvation
being content with our earthly lot!
a peace which transcends all understanding
garrison and mount guard over your heart and mind
In Christ Jesus amen
(paraphrased by Tracey Goffe and taken from Philippians 4vv4-8)

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