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Lent is a time of reflection

grant b-dFather Grant Bolton-Debbage
as printed in Great Yarmouth Parish Life

Lent is a time during which we reflect on our relationship with God through self-examination, study and prayer. This can often be a difficult task at the best of times but even more so when we don't have the right tools to use. Help is at hand!! In an age where smartphones and computers are the 'go to' for information, we can also find help via technology for our spiritual supplements
There are 3 apps which I would like to lay out for you. An 'app' is a programme that one can have on their smartphone, tablet or computer to be used for different things. The apps I will set out are specific to Christian teaching and spiritual nourishment:

  1. PRAY AS YOU GO - This is an app developed by Catholics which aims to take you on a mini 5 minute retreat. It starts with a piece of music. There is then a reading of scripture. After this there are some poignant questions to reflect on before hearing the reading again 

  2. COMMON WORSHIP LECTIONARY - This is the Church of England's very own app which holds the readings for the day, the psalms and the daily offices. A wonderfully useful tool which means one need not carry three different books for the offices! 

  3. UCB WORD FOR TODAY - A useful desktop computer tool which has a homily and readings to go with it which help to support a year round reading of the bible 

These are a select few and all are from different traditions within the church. There are many more! Why not try something new in your Christian journey! In doing so, you might just find that God had something new in store for you!
God bless, Fr Grant

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