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The Sense, Stance, and a new office 

17th March 2018
What an exciting time we’re in for over the next few weeks! Not only have we signed the lease on our new office, but The Sense and Stance are in the school with us next week!  Photo provided by Unite

First things first; today (Saturday 17th) ten amazing young and not-as-young-as-they-once-were evangelists will be arriving at London Road Baptist Church to set up ready to lead worship on Sunday morning. This is the church where our youth worker Lorraine is a member and we are very grateful to Neal Smith and his team for allowing her the opportunity to give a small insight into what she gets up to in her “day job” and what we will be doing over the next week

After lunch the team will go to Gt Yarmouth Charter Academy where we will set up for the week. It has been such a privilege to be a part of God’s plan for this week in the life of the school which, as you have probably heard, is undergoing many changes. We are really thankful for your prayers for us in the school and we are grateful to Mr Smith for allowing us to continue to meet with the young people at lunchtimes, building relationships and occasionally talking about our faith
The comment “part of God’s plan…” is because we have, yet again, seen His hand over this week – things that we assumed were mistakes/poor planning have in fact turned out to be the greatest blessings and best plans! For example, the Head of Music inadvertently arranged for the Year 10 pupils to stage a talent show during the same week as The Sense and Stance are here. This meant that we couldn’t use the Hellesdon Hall as we have for the past 8 years. However, the hall we now have is so much better for many different reasons – the noise will not be such a distraction to lessons, the whole school will be able to see the team and the Head of Music is just blown away by the time and effort that us, The Sense and Stance are dedicating to providing support and backing for the performers in the show. Thank you to those who have given financially to support the costs of this week, and to those who are providing beds and food for the teams. Although the teams will not be delivering assemblies this year nor performing a gig we trust that through lessons and conversations, song lyrics will be heard and understood and the message of a relationship with Jesus will emerge
On 2nd April we will be starting to move into our new office! Hurray and hallelujah!  Photo provided by Unite

We have enjoyed 8 years as tenants of Christchurch Methodist Church and we are grateful for their generosity in keeping a very low rent and paying our utilities for us, too. However, they have found it necessary to sell the building but we are overjoyed to have found a beautiful, cosy office down Row 75, off Howard St South. It is a ground floor, split level premises opposite The Courtyard restaurant and next to “Gossip” beauty Salon. As we will be on street level we are excited about the prospect of people being able to see when we are in, so please do drop in if you’re passing, for a tea, coffee or one of Ali’s amazing hot chocolates! We will be starting to load the vehicles at Christchurch at 0930 on Monday 2nd April, so if you are around for any of that day, please come and say hello and join in the fun and chaos! We will be announcing an “office warming” day once we are settled and sorted. Our full postal address will be East Norfolk Youth for Christ, No 4, Row 75, Howard Street South, Great Yarmouth, NR30 2PU. We are looking forward to seeing you there at some stage. Thank you for praying so faithfully for us
NB:  we are NOT moving into Westwick Coffee Shop but the other side, number 4, where MAK personnel are currently