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From the Rectory September 2018

as published in Great Yarmouth Parish Life


SIMON WARD 12-2018Rev Canon Simon Ward
It was in early September, as a child, I would get excited about a trip into town for a visit to W H Smith. The reason for the excitement was the annual stock up on stationery. It was time for a new pencil case, pencils and pens along with rubbers, sharpeners and rulers. One had to be careful to make sure we picked up the right kit because there would inevitably be new trends each year. Smelly rubbers or a particular style of pencil case. They always felt so nice and new and shiny and with them in my bag I was ready to face a new school year
There was more newness to come. School always felt different in the first few days of September. A new classroom had to be found and a new form teacher. Occasionally works had taken place on the school buildings during the long vacations. Often there may be one or two new arrivals in the school and inevitably someone in our class would have either broken a limb or had a ridiculous haircut inflicted by a scissor happy demon barber the day before term starts
Amidst the newness and the excitement it often felt like a time of optimism. There was the chance for a fresh start and a fresh view from the classroom which had grown all too familiar over the last year. As a church we need to keep the vision fresh and alive. We must always seek God’s will and discern how he calls us to serve him anew, as individuals and as a church. Church life can rightly feel familiar and safe and we need those moments when we can seek comfort in the eternal changelessness of God. But a church which never changes, ever grows
In recent months I have been making lots of visits to PCC members and listening to them. The purpose is ultimately to help us listen to God and seek a fresh vision for our parish. This can mean that sometimes we have to leave some things behind in order to make space for new things to grow. This can mean that we have to be bold and confident as we step out in faith
There is a great wealth of amazing work taking place in many ways across our churches which are a blessing to many. There are also many new and exciting opportunities to reach out to new people with the amazing story of faith which we share. These things give me huge grounds for optimism and I look forward to the adventure God leads us on
Do pray that together we may seek God’s vision and capture that newness and excitement God wills for his church
With every blessing
Fr Simon


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