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Thoughts Inspired by Easter

as published in Great Yarmouth Parish Life



Thoughts Inspired by Easter

by Caroline Buddery

This chill spring afternoon
We sit or kneel, heavy-hearted,
Grief-stricken, in the village church.
We are few, few are the pale faces,
As few as the disciples were
On the Mount of Olives,
That fateful day, millennia ago.
In the moaning trees, among the grave-stones,
Within the churchyard wall
Flutter the doves of peace, seeking crumbs.
Meanwhile we sit or kneel in prayer
By the thick walls, white-washed,
Tear-stained in places,
Watching Him hanging there,
Giving His life for us, in sacrifice.
We sit helpless, kneel sightless,
As we have done for two thousand years,
Remembering how He gives, He gave, the Sinless.
And we come, flawed, empty-handed,
Nothing to present to one
Who was rejected and reviled upon earth.
But we relive the countless hours
That used our Lord so ill
In this rebellious, hostile world.
Lord, through Your Great Grace,
Grant that I may be used and loved in Your service


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