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East Norfolk Youth for Christ summer newsletter 

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One matter currently exercising the Trustees’ thought process is how to keep this work going and also how to extend the work

We need to raise additional funds

We have a great group of regular financial supporters which, with the cushion of a large one-off financial gift in 2014, has meant that we have not had to ask for more – and it would not have been right to do so

However, things have now changed; money has been used up, paying workers’ salaries and we now do need to raise funds. Current projections show that our annual expenditure will exceed our income by around £12,000. I hasten to add that this is a projection over a one-year budget only. God will provide – He always has

If you do not already give but do have a heart for young people in Great Yarmouth please will you consider  becoming a regular giver?
Click here for a Direct Debit mandate to facilitate that calling if you can

Many small amounts add up

£5 a month x loads of people = a fantastical amount

Thank you again for your prayerful support

With love in Jesus name
Stuart Hanks