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 Yes, this is my third week

STAY HOME pixabay31st March 2020

one of our readers comments on aspects of self-isolation

The first week was strange. Almost like being at home on holiday: a time to do what I wanted, to catch up, but I need routine otherwise I waste my time


Prayers said in bed and in no rush to go out and pick someone or something up. Taking rest, which is important, but the enemy can steal your time if you’re not careful;

Last week watched 'Kim or Aggie' one evening late and suddenly realised I could spring clean. So 9.30pm I cleaned out one cupboard, bleached and put everything back in order;

I've done bits and bobs. Eventually, yesterday, I mowed the lawn, but it’s in a bit of a pathetic state, with weeds growing in the lawn. Don't know how to identify them, but they looked like mini palm trees (no such luck);

We are ringing some of our vulnerable and keeping in touch;

Foodbank is continuing and there are times we can offer something else, so we need to keep in touch with them to make sure they are fine;

Helping other churches by doing a bit at home;

Everyone is doing something. Expect it’s a bit like the war when communities see the need and just get on with it

Lots of information about people helping others on Facebook


I did respond to something a day or two ago, that whilst we as an island are cut off - as such - the world is watching what we are doing, and we are doing some amazing things. But, as a nation, I think it’s what we do best. When are ‘backs are to the wall’, we come out fighting. Amazing country, so proud of what our government are doing, especially Rishi our new Chancellor. What a God moment when he initially spoke: talking about compassion and looking after one another. A voice of reason to calm the troubled breast. I think he will do great. God bless him

Why is this happening? I truly believe that God could be judging the UK for all the ungodly things we have allowed.  We need to humble ourselves, repent and come back to HIM with body, mind, and soul.  The UK has the option for God to restore us to being a Christian country, which we haven't been for so long. So much of God's work has been trashed underfoot. It's time for a new season: a Godly season

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