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From Rev Helen Lynch December 2021


Here we are in Advent again, the Church year having spiralled through its usual rhythms, in spite of the turmoil and troubles of the world. Advent is a reminder of our need for the light of Christ in our world, as well as a time of joyful hope and expectation that He will come
For many people this year has felt worrisome, I am sure. Whilst we have moved on from the lockdown of this time last year, we are not out of the woods yet, and when we do navigate our way out, there will of course be other things waiting to make us anxious
But, just as a dog is not just for Christmas, so hopeful expectation is not just for Advent. We believe in a God who was, and is, and is to come. In amongst the troubles and inconveniences of the world, new life comes

At Christmas we see this in the miracle of an actual new life, and not just that, but God being born and living among us. This birth in Bethlehem didn't straight away sort out all the woes of the world, but brought us into a closer understanding of God, and of just how much God loves us
In Advent we could do with making space in amongst the glitter and giddiness for looking for signs of new life, things to bring us hope and joy. And through Christmas and the rest of the year we can keep on looking for those signs of God at work in the world, and treasuring them when we find them. For God is with us, always and everywhere      
Mother Helen

also published in Great Yarmouth Parish Life


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