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Thank you for your continued prayer support. We are definitely seeing God's protection at the cafe. Last night a couple of the 12 year olds' emotions were running very high, taunting each other about their mothers - neither of them see their mothers regularly or frequently; in fact one said he only sees her once a year. A year 7 girl was telling me today that she was in foster care in primary school but is now happily living with her dad

It isn't surprising (but it's heart-breaking) to see how hurt and angry some of the young people are underneath the "don't care" attitude. We value your prayers for the volunteers at the cafe too as it can be tiring, after a full day at work/college. But so rewarding when the young people do a craft activity and give it to a volunteer, telling us that this is the only place they're allowed to go, out of school. Thank you to all of you who give financially too; these young people are "blown away" that the Christians in Great Yarmouth give their money to enable us to run the cafe for them, without charging. We now have a core of 7 boys and 2 girls from two different high schools in the area who come every week
Sadly we are closing the cafe for two weeks in the near future as volunteers are away and there are not enough male leaders to keep it open. Please consider if you are able to help for an hour and a half once a week (Wednesday 3.30-5pm). Or could you be on a list so that we could call on you once in a while to step in when we are short? If you can help by being in the kitchen cooking toast and making hot chocolates, or sitting with the young people making rice krispie cakes, icing buns, playing Connect 4 or Uno. If you're more energetic perhaps you could give them a game of pool or dodgeball? They just need to be valued and loved
To read the Prayer Diary for February please click here, thanks to Nigel (trustee)
Thank you very much

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