Action Zones 

So, another great week at Newday 

newday 2 2015With 10 leaders and 25 young people all passionate about spending time together as friends and together with Jesus, we were in for an amazing time. The weather was great so contributed to the overall feeling of peace and harmony among our camp

God gave us an amazing time of learning about Him through teaching, experiencing His power through young people being healed (although not everyone who prayed for healing was healed at the time), and refocussing on the awesome creator He is, through prayer times, sung worship, and discussions going deeper together into the questions raised in seminars and sessions

newday 3 2015Thank you to all those who contributed in a practical way, to all those who prayed diligently and faithfully and to all those young people whose attitudes made the week such a great time. Thanks mostly, though, to the God of the whole universe who never fails us nor forsakes us and without whom, all of this would be pointless and meaningless

Many people give Alison encouragement and recognition for the work she puts into preparing and organising Newday – thank you. However, there are two “unsung heroes” who work tirelessly throughout the week and in the lead-up to Newday, without whom the week wouldn’t go ahead. They are up first every day with Alison and are the last to go to bed having been on the go all day. Matt Woollard-Kingston, from Kingsgate Community Church, has been site manager for the last 7 years with us and is always on hand for the heavy stuff, providing all the practical needs during the week as well as picking up the van at the beginning of the week/loading/unloading/dropping off at the end of the week. He never grumbles and nothing is too much effort for him, also providing luxuries like running water (the envy of many other campers this year)

newday 1 2015The other person is Lynda Lee, from Cliff Park Community Church, who does all the catering for the whole week: from supplying all the food in advance, to preparing it, and bringing the right equipment on site in order to provide food which is always the envy of all the camping sites around our pitch. She has been camping with us for the last 7 years and often has to cater different varieties/degrees of dietary requirements (7 last year)