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The Sense at Great Yarmouth High School 

ENYFC6th February 2017
Alison Roberts
East Norfolk Youth for Christ

A great start to the week in GY Yarmouth High School today
The Sense performing their songs in assembly, with Stance giving an effective portrayal, through their dance routine "Freedom", of how we can be released from things that hold us down or situations where we feel trapped
With two timetables running alongside each other this year, there's lots of input going on as The Sense took lessons exploring what a "Christian" is and our identity in Christ whilst, in another part of the school, Stance taught dance routines to classes of 30+ PE pupils and gave testimony to what difference Jesus makes in their lives
With plenty of the students coming back to the hall at break and lunch there's also ample opportunity for them to talk about things they find confusing i.e. "Is it true that Christians hate gays?". The 12 year old girl who asked this question was really angry and hurt about the way some "Christians" had spoken spitefully and in condemnatory language about some of her "gay" friends
We had a long conversation about where our identity is, what defines us and that we are so much more than sexual beings
Please pray for these young people to take the opportunity this week to ask more of these questions and for the Holy Spirit to show them Himself