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The Sense and Stance overcome challenge 

GYHS BADGEAlison Roberts
East Norfolk Youth for Christ

As many of you have probably realised already, having two teams in Great Yarmouth High School this week is something we have never tried before and has taken a lot of planning and rescheduling of timetables
The deputy head teacher has done a phenomenal job in organising both concurrent timetables enabling all the students to have as much access to The Sense in the hall and Stance in the gym as possible whilst ensuring that the students aren't scheduled into both venues at the same time
Inevitably there will be unforeseen circumstances meaning things have to change at the last minute and such was one lesson today. But these young gap year volunteer musicians/dancers are so professional and don't seem to be daunted by anything! With approximately 8 minutes notice, they had to prepare and learn a lesson plan that they had never delivered before as we suddenly needed to cater for approximately 80 students we weren't expecting to see this week at all
ENYFCWith the professionalism we know we can expect from The Sense and Stance, they delivered the lesson perfectly as if they'd been doing it all their lives; with one teacher commenting "I love coming into these lessons - they (the band) definitely get better every year"
The Q&A time in Stance's lessons revealed some of the misconceptions around Christianity and it was so refreshing to hear the students' honesty and their courage in asking some really good questions: "Do you have to stop dancing if you want to pray?" "I was christened so my mum says I'm a Christian but I don't believe in God so how am I a Christian?" "Does being a Christian affect your friendships?"
Please thank God for His continued power and provision, equipping us to serve Him this week, as well as praying for protection from illness and fatigue. Thank you so much for faithfully standing with us