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It’s a piece of cake for Suzie 

Susie Coldman5th July 2017
Tony Mallion reports

Suzie Coldman was welcomed in with worship and cake as the new Youth Worker for the Identity Youth Project on Sunday evening

A special version of the monthly ID Encounter youth service saw around 45 people young and old from all the supporting churches come together for the event at Magdalen Way Methodist Church which was led by three young musicians, Grace, Ben and Ali
St Andrew’s vicar, Rev Brian Hall, led a commissioning prayer for Suzie joined by Rev Mike Simm, minister of Cliff Park, and Methodist deacon, Mark Attwood along with Nick Hewitt representing St Mary Magdalene and Veronica Baldwin from Gorleston Baptist. ID Chairman,Tony Mallion, said the Youth organisation was a good example of the churches working together. He explained how ID had grown out of the original vision of churches throughout East Norfolk combining to support such work with Identity in Gorleston being a good example



Ali Wyllie, one of the ID young people, interviewed Suzie asking her about her faith journey and her hopes for the work. Suzie, who is 22, had been a volunteer with the East Norfolk Youth for Christ Unite project in Great Yarmouth and was also a trainee with ID for a year until last August when she resumed her university course from which she had taken a gap year. Suzie worked alongside former ID Youth Worker Mark Crawford who left in December. The ID trustees have continued to run the Tuesday night Fusion Club and the monthly Encounter as well as the regular prayer meeting for the past six months

below you will see the lovely cakes, before and after!
Welcome to Suzie cakes BEFORE Welcome to Suzy cakes AFTER 20