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From the Rectory February 2020

SIMON WARD 12-2018as published in Great Yarmouth Parish Life


Sunday 2nd February is set to be a happy day at Great Yarmouth Minster as Helen is to be ordained a priest. Ordinations outside of the cathedral are rare and it will be exciting to gather as a parish, joined by others from across the diocese and friends of Helen from further afield. It’s a privilege to be a part of such as service and I want everyone to know that you are warmly invited to come and join us and show your support for Helen in this important step as she responds to God’s call in her life
Some of you may have seen the lovely card which Helen has shared around the parish which invites us to pray for her. I trust that we can count on all of you to do this. This card is called an “ember card” and they are usually given out by ordinands prior to the date of ordination. Within the text of the card there was one thing which Helen was clear to highlight about who does the ordaining: it’s God, or rather the Holy Spirit. Often ember cards will just say the name of the ordaining bishop but I think a clear reminder is served. It’s not about us. It’s not about the efforts of the people. It’s about what God is doing. Even bishops are just there to be channels of God’s Spirit
ORDINATION BLESSINGSThere is a tendency in the church to look and see people doing things. This may be in the context of the leading of worship or in the work of the church and even in the menial tasks of church life. However, we do well to be reminded church is never about us. All we do should strive to point others to God. This can be expressed in the warmth of welcome we give; in the kindness and love we show; in the beauty of our worship and myriad other ways. At all times, we look to God and hope we point others to God as well
Come and join us on 2nd February at 2pm in the Minster and after that we will drink tea and eat cake in St Paul’s Church Hall. We give thanks for all that God does through each and every one of us and particularly through those called to serve as priests and deacons in the church

With every blessing, Fr Simon


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