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Where is Love?

VIRTUE OF LOVE1st February 2020

In this month, when we celebrate St Valentine’s Day, this poignant question is one many people will be asking, especially the young and hopeful. Perhaps you remember these words from the beautiful song in Lionel Bart’s musical, Oliver? The young street boy Oliver Twist sings plaintively of his longing to find "someone who I can mean something to"
The need to find love is a fundamental requirement of human flourishing, and it is there within us all, young and old alike. But where do we find such love? The natural thing is to assume that it can be found in another person, the person of our dreams. Romantic love seems to offer the answer to our longing, but reality is often different. Once the shine has worn off a relationship, we see the other person as they really are – another fragile human being also searching for love. So, for many the search begins again, an endless looking for the elusive partner who will love us without condition

Oliver comes near to answering his own question when he sings, "Does it come from skies above?". The only love that can satisfy the deep longing of the human heart does in fact come ‘from above’. It comes from heaven, and it comes to us from God in the form of a person, Jesus Christ. He was the embodiment of the love of God, and through His life and death demonstrated the enormity of the love that God has for each of us. Here is a love like no other – reliable, sure, unchanging, healing, accepting

Human love is a wonderful blessing, but divine love alone can meet our need. In God alone we find the perfect Someone, the one who we can mean something to.                                  
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as published in Great Yarmouth Parish Life

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