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Most, if not all, people know or have heard of the ‘knock knock’ jokes. Usually they are short and sweet, intended to bring a quick smile to your face! In The Holy Bible, there is a verse that tells us about Jesus knocking
Daily Share-a-Prayer w/e 26/01/2020
Heavenly Father, help me to remember there is an enemy seeking to destroy me. Help to remember the enemy is not a human being but a fallen angel, satan More ...
Youth services in the East cut by 62% in a decade
Figures uncovered by YMCA have revealed that in the East of England funding for youth services has been cut by a staggering 62% since 2010 by local authorities, just above the average cut of 60% right across England and Wales More ...
Counsellor for TimeNorfolk in Great Yarmouth 
Pregnancy loss support charity TimeNorfolk is looking to appoint a part-time Counsellor based in its Great Yarmouth office More ...
lee fitzgerald
Have you seen Lee Fitzgerald? 
Lee Fitzgerald was last seen at around 7.15am on Thursday 9 January in Diss but appears to have travelled to Great Yarmouth via Norwich that day More ...
WWDP main-logo
Women's World Day of Prayer event 2020 
Women, men, and children of all ages are called to 'Rise, take your mat and walk' to join this day of prayer. Women of Zimbabwe have prepared this year's service and they encourage us all to reflect on the difficulties and unrest More ...
Viewpoint Aug2010
Viewpoint from Father John Bloomfield 17/01/2020
When I was in secondary education, we had to use a fountain pen in our exercise books. Biros were only allowed in our ‘rough books’ as the books were called which we used to make our notes More ...
Children – a gift from God  
Linda Nnene shares with us her thoughts about how many children a couple may choose to have More ...
Faith communities guide to engaging with police 
Faith and Police is a fantastic initiative aimed at addressing some of the most challenging issues within our society. It is clear that when we are dealing with some of the most difficult social problems, such as homelessness, isolation, addiction and ... More ...
Unlocking the Bible in urban communities 
This is an opportunity open to anyone across the Eastern Region who may be interested in learning more about Unlock’s approach to the Bible, giving both clergy and laity insights and practical hands-on experience in applying this approach to the Bible More ...
Viewpoint Aug2010
Viewpoint from Revd Albert Cadmore 10/01/2020
As a wise old man said, when asked for directions by a lost motorist, “Well if I was going there, I wouldn’t start from here”. For each of us, in our life’s journey, we have no option but to start from right where we are More ...
ENYFC prayer diary for January 2020
East Norfolk Youth for Christ's updates on activities and regular requests for prayer to assist them to do their best, guided by God, for the youth of this area More ...
Happy New Year! from Rev Matthew Price 
I wonder how you feel as we embark on a New Year and, indeed, a new decade? Perhaps you feel glad to see the back of 2019 More ...
Gorleston Baptists explore addiction detox initiative 
Churches and medical professionals attended an information session at Gorleston Baptist Church in November to explore the feasibility of setting up a Keys Community Detox programme for the Gorleston area More ...
Viewpoint Aug2010
Viewpoint from Revd Canon Simon Ward 03/01/2020
I had a treat last week and it wasn’t even related to Christmas. I was invited to join with the Greek Orthodox Church, St Syridon on St Peter’s Road, as they celebrated the feast of their saint. To give the occasion extra resonance, they were blessed More ...
Christmas Tree Festival at St Andrew’s was great success
The Christmas Tree Festival at St Andrew's Church in Gorleston was a great success and raised approximately £1250 for a wide range of charities and good causes More ...
Opening THE Book 20 with Rev John K-S
I recently heard a wonderful quotation: “Hope is love stretched into the future". At the beginning of a New Year, I suspect that ‘hope’ is in rather short supply for many people. We live today with so many uncertainties and insecurities More ...
The Rockin' Rev January 2020
A new year is dawning and it's time to say goodbye to the old. We look forward with anticipation of that which is before us. But having passed through the gate of the year, none of us can know for certain what the New Year will bring More ...
Great Yarmouth Live Music Club reveals its 2020 programme 
Dear Friends, another year has quickly passed. Your Chairman and Committee would like to wish you a very happy Christmas and every good wish for 2020 More ...
The Language of Love at Christmas 
Viewpoint from Rev Martin Upton 27/12/2019
A Christmas Present? 
Music at the Minster 
Reflections for the New Year
“It's like Hogwarts” - hundreds served Christmas dinner in Minster 
25 January - the conversion of St Paul
From Rev Helen Lynch January 2020
A Prayer  for the New Year 
Christmas Carols and Candlelight Service at Seventh-day Adventist Church
Reindeer draw crowds at community Christmas celebration 
All I want for Christmas is… Hope
Open Christmas meal event given major boost by accountants
50/50 Club December 2019 draw winner announced
Viewpoint from Anna Heydon 20/12/2019
Concert a big success 
The Truth and Knowledge of Christianity
Imagine Norfolk Together news and prayer letter December 2019
Baptismal Service in Great Yarmouth 
Viewpoint from Rev Helen Lynch 13/12/2019
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