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Heavenly Father, thank You that I am here with You now, more than that, I am alive in Your creation
Light of Life prepares to welcome their new minister 
Rev Elizabeth Stoner has accepted the call to become minister at Light of Life Baptist Church in Ormesby. Elizabeth, and her husband, Kevin, will be moving up from Essex, where she was Assistant Pastor at Shoeburyness and Thorpe Bay Baptist Church More ...
Opening THE Book 25 with Rev John K-S
Last month we looked at a short book tucked away in the middle of the Old Testament: The Book of Ruth and its message that being part of God’s kingdom family is decided not by blood and birth, but by true devotion of one’s life to the will of God More ...
Letter from Uncle Eustace
Rev Dr Gary Bowness writes a tongue-in-cheek letter from the elderly Anglo-Catholic vicar ‘Uncle Eustace’ to Darren, his nephew, a low-church curate, recently ordained... More ...
START! 06-2020a
Lockdown has given us lots of time to think! 
Sometimes that can be a really helpful thing, but sometimes it can leave us asking some big questions. Who am I?... Where did I come from?... Where am I going?... Does my life have meaning?... Perhaps you’ve been pondering questions like that More ...
The Rockin' Rev June 2020
Born between 1910 and 1924 they are defined as “Britain’s Greatest Generation” They are the generation who fought and lived through the Second World War. Among the distinguishing marks of this particular generation are things like personal responsibility, More ...
Molly Davis to have her head shaved 
This coming Tuesday morning, 2nd June, Molly Davis will be having her head shaved for Christian Aid. It should have been done in Christian Aid week but hit the buffers because there was no-one who could do it More ...
Blessed are the Truth Tellers
ITV News journalist and presenter Julie Etchingham, a practicing Christian, has defended the role played by journalists during the Coronavirus pandemic More ...
Viewpoint from Rev Rosie Bunn 29/05/2020
Don't do it for me, do it with me. It's a phrase I heard said some while ago and it got me thinking More ...
Letter from Nancy June 2020
I’ll start with a prayer for the month: Father of all, help us to love as you love, and to give as you give. Help us to be generous both materially and spiritually towards those in need. Through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen More ...
From Rev Helen Lynch June 2020
I hope this letter finds you well, and staying strong through whatever your circumstances look like at the moment. As we come into June I can’t quite workout where the year has gone - how can we be halfway through already? More ...
The New Normal 
Peter Gray-Read shares with us his thoughts about the next phase – the new normal More ...
What Hurts You the Most?
Everybody hurts but not everybody has hope. WHO CARES? is a nationwide initiative where churches are working together to listen to the needs of local people and offer compassion and hope More ...
COURAGE TIME Omni Matryx from
A time for courage, not fear; love, not anxiety
As the lockdown restrictions begin to ease, Andy Bryant points out that we have an opportunity to rebuild society based on the values Jesus taught us More ...
Viewpoint Aug2010
Viewpoint from Rev Helen Garrard 22/05/2020
As I write this, friends and neighbours are putting away their bunting and fine china, having gathered in their gardens and outside their homes to commemorate the 75th Anniversary of VE Day, the public holiday that marked the end of World War 2 in Europe More ...
50/50 Club May 2020 draw winner announced
Great Yarmouth Seafarers Centre's May draw was conducted by M. Hewitt, and the lucky winner is ..... More ...
Martham churches’ foodbank meets local needs 
The churches in Martham in East Norfolk are working to provide a foodbank to meet local needs during the coronavirus crisis, but this may become permanent after the lockdown eases More ...
CAP doing telephone and online consultations 
Christians Against Poverty (CAP) money courses aid those struggling with their finances and showing them how to manage their funds. During the lockdown period, CAP is continuing its fantastic debt service work both online and by telephone consultations More ...
ENYFC prayer diary for May 2020
East Norfolk Youth for Christ's updates on activities and regular requests for prayer to assist them to do their best, guided by God, for the youth of this area More ...
Searching for rainbows – the sign of God’s love
Foodbank operating times during coronavirus crisis
Viewpoint from Revd Dan Waite 15/05/2020
£12,330 boost for coronavirus relief work in Great Yarmouth
They were always heroes, and always will be
The UK Blessing 
How churches are supporting the community in this crisis
God can cope with our problems
Let's pray for the right lifting of lockdown 
Viewpoint from Rev Brian Hall 08/05/2019
The Coronavirus – what would Jesus do?
Norwich churches join in UK-wide blessing
God gives the strength we need during lockdown
UK is now 'sick man of Europe'
Imagine Norfolk Together news and prayer letter April/May 2020
Jesus didn’t keep a social distance
The Rockin' Rev May 2020
Opening THE Book 24 with Rev John K-S
Viewpoint from Revd Sue Hemsley Halls 01/05/2020
Gorleston church sets up community helpline 
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