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Heavenly Father, I heard the other day that You are more concerned about my insides than my outsides!
Norfolk focus on racial justice and modern slavery
Racial justice, discrimination and modern slavery are the focus of two coming events in the Diocese of East Anglia More ...
Viewpoint Aug2010
Viewpoint from Rev Derrick Hill 18/01/2019
Listening to Radio Norfolk this morning, I heard of a new advertising campaign for people to change career and bring their life experiences to the teaching profession. Preparing the younger generation for their future is surely an important role More ...
Norfolk churches urged to watch for rural depression
Churches across Norfolk are being encouraged to be watchful for those in tight knit farming and rural communities who are at risk of depression and suicide More ...
Church Leaders' Breakfast with Rev Dr Alan Palmer
We are delighted to welcome the Rev Dr Alan Palmer, Lead Chaplain at the James Paget University Hospital, as he offers a workshop about mental health for church leaders More ...
Open Christmas event team thank supporters after biggest turn out to date
The team behind a Christmas Day meal for those in need have thanked those who helped, after their biggest turn out to date More ...
CAP logo
Befriender training for CAP at Gorleston church
CAP befrienders walk with Debt Centre clients, showing the love of Jesus through practical, emotional and spiritual support, as they journey towards freedom from debt More ...
Hidden Voices course
Four evenings in February and March which will use the Hidden Voices resource to find out more about modern slavery, and understand how we can prevent and detect it, and restore the dignity of victims and survivors More ...
Viewpoint from Rev Albert Cadmore 11/01/2019
A year ago, as I wrote a Viewpoint article for Friday 12th January 2018, I made reference to the fact that many of us would inevitably face difficult challenges as we journeyed forward into 2018 More ...
James, free will, and God’s love
Suzanne Cooke has been looking at works of art, and has gained new insight into how much God loves us by giving us free will More ...
26th January: Timothy and Titus: How Local Church Leaders should be
Timothy and Titus are the saints for you if you’ve been a Christian for some time, and now realize that God wants you to move into some form of leadership. A daunting prospect! More ...
25th January: St Paul: the first Christian Intellectual
This month, on 25th January, the Church celebrates probably the most famous conversion of all. At least, what happened to a young man called Saul on the road to Damascus has become a byword for all instant conversions–what is known as a ‘damascene’ moment More ...
Broadland worship band releases new folk music CD
A barn-dance band which was formed from the worship band of the Waterside Benefice in Norfolk has released its second album on CD – and the results have been approvingly described as ‘a quite remarkable achievement’ More ...
What about the Gifts of Gold, Frankincense, and Myrrh?
The story of the coming of the Magi grew in the telling. By the 6th century they had acquired names: Gaspar, Melchior, and Balthasar. By medieval times they were considered to be kings More ...
A Woman’s Needs in Marriage
Linda Nnene shares with us some fundamental needs of a woman in a successful marriage More ...
6th January - ‘The Epiphany’
In his poem T S Elliot imagines the journey of the Magi to worship Jesus as told in Matthew 2. This story is at the heart of the celebration of Epiphany, as we remember the astrologers from the East following a star to find the baby More ...
Opening THE Book 8 with Rev John
Happy New Year! Will you be making any New Year Resolutions this year? Did you manage to keep them last year? What does the Bible say about making New Year resolutions? More ...
From the Vicarage January 2019
Happy New Year! Am I still allowed to write that I wonder when we live in such turbulent times? Nations in upheaval, borders under dispute, climate change threatening the environment, and austerity causing so many people to struggle...? More ...
Reflections for January
As I am writing this in December, I have decided to start the New Year with one last look at the old year. Specifically I am reflecting on my involvement with the Great Yarmouth Inter Faith and Belief Network More ...
Build bridges, not walls
Viewpoint from Revd Canon Simon Ward 04/01/2019
ENYFC update and prayer diary for January 2019
Singer Jonathan Veira to return to Gorleston this month
Gorleston Gal’s Community News January 2019
Messy Church Remembers
The Rockin' Rev January 2019
Opening THE Book 7 with Rev John
Christingle rounds off Advent for Cliff Park Community Church
Viewpoint from Rt Rev Graham James 28/12/2018
Gorleston church hosts community Christmas Day lunch
Christmas is all about giving: hundreds enjoy Great Yarmouth’s Open Christmas
John and Iris' Diamond Wedding
Community comes together in their hundreds to celebrate Christmas
Contributions to the RNLI honoured at Great Yarmouth and Gorleston
Opening THE Book 6 with Rev John
Workplace chaplains offer post-holiday support
The Rockin' Rev December 2018
Making the Right Move
Bishop’s Christmas message of light and dark
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