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Great Yarmouth Seafarers Centre's July draw was conducted by Mike Hewitt, and the lucky winner is .....
Viewpoint from Rev Mike Flynn 23/07/2021
This was something of a refrain amongst the first disciples (followers/friends) of Jesus. There was something infectious going on – in a good way! In their enthusiasm, they wanted others to meet Jesus too More ...
Daily Share-a-Prayer w/e 25/07/2021
Heavenly Father, on his missionary journey, Paul and his companions came to the border of Mysia, "they tried to enter Bithynia, but the Spirit of Jesus would not allow them to." I wonder if there is a principle here which I can apply to my life? More ...
Top Banana one pot cooking
Learn how to cook your own delicious food using one pot, a knife, and a spoon because eating well isn't rocket science More ...
Memory Cafe 07-2021
Sally Ann's memory cafe
We are a new project that is launching to help those who are getting a little forgetful due to old age or those with dementia or other impairments this will be a place were they can get access to vital support More ...
harry woods 750AT
New Community role for Yarmouth Salvation Army
Great Yarmouth Salvation Army has appointed local man Harry Woods as Community Manager in a new role to drive its community support projects in the town More ...
Tony Rothe
Viewpoint Aug2010
Viewpoint from Rev Matthew Price 16/07/2021
So called “freedom day” is just around the corner! As I write, the Prime Minister has just announced that it will bring the end of all legal restrictions on the numbers of people who can gather - inside and out. Mask-wearing will no longer be mandatory More ...
Stalham Baptists set up new community fridge
Stalham has a new Community Fridge, joining several other towns and villages in the county which have joined in with this initiative More ...
Churchwarden to sail box on Norfolk Broads
Paul Weatherill and a team from Rotary Club Watton and District have built a boat from a Shelterbox and will be sailing it across the Norfolk Broads from Great Yarmouth to Norwich next month More ...
Join the COP26 pilgrimage from Great Yarmouth to King’s Lynn this August
An interfaith pilgrimage focusing on climate justice will be heading from Great Yarmouth to King's Lynn in late August More ...
MORE DIY 07-2021
More DIY
We moved house recently. Our new home will require quite a few alterations to make it as we want. Fortunately, I enjoy DIY; it gives me an excuse to buy more tools and to lay them out neatly in the new shed we’ve acquired.I feel like a boy with a new toy! More ...
Viewpoint from Emma Sivyer 09/07/2021
Norwich City fans in my family were excited to see the announcement of their new signing, Milot Rashica. In their opinion, the reported 9.4-million-pound price-tag represents a good deal. On the other hand, they were more sceptical about Manchester City More ...
Meeting Inside
I will never forget the first time I visited a category B prison; not least because of the rigour of the checks and security. Searches by prison staff, sniffer dogs and scanners More ...
Adventures with God in Spain 
“You never know what tomorrow holds” and “We don’t know what’s round the corner” are two sayings many of us have used over the last year. At the beginning of 2020 none of us would have guessed that a pandemic would cause disruption, fear and heartache More ...
Norfolk churches partner with Acts 435 to restore faith 
Acts 435 offers a fresh way for churches to respond to practical needs and at the same time restore faith in people More ...
Eldred Willey
Opening THE Book with Rev John K-S July 2021
As I write, more than 3 million people have died from Covid-19. In Yemen we continue to witness the worst humanitarian crisis this century. Climate change and plastic waste threaten food production, whole communities, and the biodiversity of our planet More ...
Viewpoint from Rev Peter Paine 02/07/2021
So, the big talking point over the past 18 months has been about the Coronavirus, how we have been kept in our homes for longer than we expected and being told it for our own good More ...
News from the Mag July 2021
Another step in the return to normality took place at St Mary Mags last month as we relaunched our Friday youth club, Mags. And we were delighted, at the relaunch to welcome S.T.A.N.E., a local street artist, who, along with Freshly Greated, More ...
The Rockin' Rev July 2021
What shall we name the baby? It’s a decision that every responsible parent takes seriously. In choosing a name for their baby parents will often consider many things. The choice of name may honour a family member or a close friend More ...
From the Rectory July 2021
Repair work on south face of the Minster
Funds passed on as Norfolk chaplaincy charity closes
Viewpoint from Rev Martin Upton 25/06/2021
50/50 Club June 2021 draw winner announced
Rev Rosie writes about her roses and ...
Christians ARISE!
YMCA Norfolk Supported Lodgings and Nightstop Hosts
Viewpoint from Rev John Kinchin-Smith 18/06/2021
Yare Valley Churches now up and running!
The winds of change are blowing.....
Viewpoint from Rev Dorothy Marsh 11/06/2021
Bible Wisdom
Welcome to St Mary Magdalene
Willy Notcutt – exceptional doctor and Christian
Yarmouth centre provides a pathway for the vulnerable
Hidden In Plain Sight
Viewpoint from Izabela Clarry 04/06/2021
Yarmouth area churches are phoning a friend
Opening THE Book with Rev John K-S June 2021
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