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Summer getting closer to her travel to Tanzania 

SUMMER 08-2015Judith Edmonds

My granddaughter, Summer (see photo alongside), is a young girl born in Great Yarmouth who's just finished her A Levels and who has decided to take a gap year with a 3 month period from September spent in Tanzania trying to help people less fortunate than herself.  She is going out there with Raleigh International Trust on  an International Citizen Service placement  

Summer has been working hard to earn the £800 to help Raleigh International Trust, which is a requirement of her trip.  This money is not for her own expenses or to fund her travel.  Apart from the donations, she has been holding jumble sales, car boot sales, and run many races to reach this target

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Read her latest posts:

28th July 2016
"Just £5 off my half way target of £400 due on the 29th of July!! Thank you all for your donations so far, it's just 2 months till I go out to Africa now, all your donations count, so please keep on with the kindness. Your help is both appreciated by myself, Raleigh and the locals of Tanzania that your money will be helping"

13th July 2016
"Thank you so so much to everybody that has donated so far, I cannot tell you how much myself, Raleigh and the locals of Tanzania appreciate it your generosity! I am now just £25 off of my first target of £400!!! And just £425 off my final target of £800! 

It's just 10 weeks now till I venture out on my own into Tanzania, on a Mission to help the community, build enterprises and create new entrepreneurs

Every little penny counts, so please spare a little cash for such a fantastic cause, there are thousands of children out there so much less fortunate than us and it would be nice to give them a little bit back and help them build a better life"

28th June 2016
"I’m really excited to tell you that I have been selected to volunteer overseas with Raleigh International on an International Citizen Service placement. I will be travelling to Tanzania to help the local community in the development of their local amenities. ICS works with communities that have specifically requested their help. It also aims to inspire young people in the UK 

It’s just less than 10 weeks now till I'll be venturing out to Africa on Raleigh International's livelihood project in Tanzania. I will be out in the depths of rural Tanzania for 12 weeks with a group of over 60 people in which I'm yet to meet! We will be living without running water, electricity and wifi…thrown totally out of our comfort zones, but experiencing true Tanzanian life, in which I am sure will be one of the best experiences of my life!

Tanzania is one of the poorest countries in the world, suffering greatly with a very poor economy and a rapidly growing population…life is hard for children growing up to be young adults like me…they don’t have the opportunity to leave school and go travelling or go to university like most of us privileged young people here in the UK have. My main role when I go out to Tanzania is to help educate and build new business enterprises in Tanzania to help provide young people like you and me with greater opportunities in life


Most of us here have everything that we want and more, so please spare a few pennies to help Raleigh International continue to run their absolutely fantastic community projects abroad, without you they wouldn't be going ahead and I wouldn't be able to access this once in a life time volunteering experience

All money that I raise does not go to funding my travel out there nor my stay in the country but instead it all goes to helping Raleigh International staying up and running as a charity and helps them to promote their work they do to educate as many people as possible"


Raleigh Trust 2016
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Summer is raising money to help Raleigh International Trust