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UniteLogoWebWe have an exciting month coming up as you will see from this month's Prayer Diary – download here

NOMAD is the Youth for Christ touring team of footballers and we are privileged to be able to bring them to Great Yarmouth High School from Monday 2nd to Friday 6th November. Using the football cage that many of you have seen at the U Chews and No Strings summer events, the team of 6 will be taking assemblies and lessons on various subjects and issues the young people have to face as they transition through high school

With subjects like Value, Contentment, Sacrifice, Teamwork, Respect, Living Life to the Full and Self-belief, we're anticipating some good conversations, questions, and 'keepie-uppies' from the pupils!

The team will also be at the Youth Cafe on Wednesday sharing testimonies with the young people

Thank you to the wonderful people who are contributing by praying, donating money, hosting the team in their homes for the whole week and for those who are cooking meals for the team. These mission weeks couldn't happen without you all

The young people from Stand met last week to start planning the Glitterball and there is much excitement about this Christmas dinner dance on Saturday 12th December for the young people of Great Yarmouth. Tickets will be on sale soon at £5 per person for a three course meal, with live music and a DJ

If you would like tickets, or know someone who would like to come, please make contact quickly as we have limited places available. Tickets must be bought in advance. Publicity will be out later in November but, in the meantime, if you would like to help by setting up, cooking, waitressing/waiting, washing up or packing down please get in touch

We are also having some encouraging conversations with the school regarding more involvement there so please continue to pray that these discussions will bear fruit

Richard, Nigel, Matt, and Alison

Contact: Alison Roberts
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