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Happy New Year to all our valued supporters 

UNITE logo 2015Thank you all so much for your prayers last week for us at the annual national STAFF CONFERENCE in Manchester. It was a time of huge blessing and encouragement across the whole YFC family with more than 450 youth workers, trustees, volunteers, and staff gathering together for sung worship and some really powerful teaching through some gifted speakers

As the talks become available we will post them on our Facebook page so if you "like" our "Unite-East Norfolk Youth For Christ” page you will be able to listen. Neil O'Boyle, the new National Director of YFC, gave an impassioned and inspiring vision statement for the next phase of YFC's ministry and we heard from some of the workers from Lebanon YFC whose main ministry is with young people in the refugee camps there. The week was a real mountain top experience and we're excited to get back to the schools work and clubs this week. If you've volunteered or partnered with us in any way you'd be very welcome at staff conference, so if you fancy it next January let us know!

ROOM 6 starts tomorrow (13/07/2016) and Sus is beginning to develop some very gentle structure to the group. Please pray that this will make the boys think and want to explore more about Jesus

We are meeting to PRAY tomorrow evening (13/07/2016) at Newtown Methodist Church at 7.30pm. Please feel free to come and join us as we would love to hear what your ideas are and also what youth work you are involved in. Open to everyone of any age

YOUTH CAFE starts this week on Wednesday and another volunteer has stood down (having served for almost 2 years) so if you feel you can make some toast in the kitchen on a Wednesday afternoon between 3pm and 5.30pm we would be very grateful for your help. Perhaps you could commit to 3 months initially, and then re-assess your commitment? If you think you might be interested but would like to just pop along to have a look before you commit, that's fine, there won't be any pressure - just let us know

STAND is starting again this week, and we will be looking at ways of finding our way around the Bible and getting to know this amazing book

We're back to joining the young people in the DINNER HALL at school as well as in RE-INTEGRATION

On Saturday February 6th we're excited to announce that THE SENSE is coming back to Gt Yarmouth High School. If you're confused, thinking you have missed something, don't worry - it's the new name for Taste; as they've begun a new phase, i.e. being employed by YFC, they have had a change of name and a new line up of gap year students as well as old favourites Josh and Reece. That makes a pretty big team of 7 people to find accommodation for. If you can help with beds for any of them (one girl and 4 boys) please do get in touch but if your rooms are full, would you be able to provide a meal for them one day please?

They will be leading worship at Park Baptist Church on Sunday 7th at 10.45am and will be leaving the area on Friday 12th after school. This will be their 8th year visiting the school and are a much valued part of the school year. The students often talk about them, asking who will be on the team and some of the girls have really deep and valuable conversations with the girls, so please pray for the week and if you can help to feed/accommodate them, please get in touch. Thank you, we couldn't do this sort of mission week without you

In fact we couldn't do any of the things we're doing without your prayer, financial, and practical support, so thank you and glory to our indescribable God who can do (and does!) immeasurably more than we could ever ask or imagine

Alison and the trustees